Top Inca Trail Tour Operator

Best Alternative Trek Operators

To become one of the “Top Rated Alternative Trek Operators in Cusco,” a company is evaluated on recommendations from a variety of sites such as travel guidebooks, review sites, travel forums and client evaluations. In addition, a Licensed Tour Operator is regulated by the Peruvian Government for the protection of tourists.

All of these top alternative tour operators are based in Peru, so they will have more first hand knowledge of the local conditions, the best itineraries for a trek they are offering, and how to purchase and co-ordinate all of the services. Each operator strives to provide a seamless worry free trek. A highlight of using a local operator is all the money you spend stays in Peru. It helps sustain the Peruvian economy and create jobs for locals.


There are two types of companies that will try to sell you an Alternative Tour Package: registered tour operators and middle men, otherwise known as “endosares”.  

  • If you book with a company that is a middle man, you will pay higher prices and there is no way to know the quality of the service being provided by the third-party servicers that they use.
  • A licensed alternative tour operator can guarantee 100% of their services because they are providing all of the services directly with their own guides, chefs, porters, and drivers etc.
  • If you book with a licensed tour operator, the advocate that you speak with are the ones you will be working with directly, so if you have any concerns you can go to them and get your needs meet quickly.

Recommended Alternative Tour Operators with which to Book

Sam Travel Peru

SAM Travel Peru

SAM Travel Peru (10 years in business) is a highly professional tour trekking company that focuses on treks and tours for all age travelers, making sure everyone has the best possible tour experience. A key feature offered by SAM Travel is small group sizes and personalized service. They never exceed 10 trekkers per group, unlike many operators who will happily reach the maximum group limit of 16 or more people. They work with each group to personalize their tour if needed. One size does not fit all. What’s more, the company’s Peruvian owner, Saul Alvarez, has been working along the Inca Trail since the age of 18, as a porter and later as a guide. He understands trekking better than most and the needs of the hiker. Feel free to check all of its great reviews on TripAdvisor.

Orange Nation Peru

This relatively new start-up company has been rising in the ranks very quickly. The company focuses on quality treks and tours for those that are budget conscious. The company tour guides, porters and cooks have shares in the company, and earn a fair amount for their level of contributions. When you choose this company, you make a direct impact to all the lives of the people that make your adventure memorable. The company has also has plenty of excellent reviews on TripAdvisor. This is definitely one to consider.

Orange Nation Peru

Spider Travel Peru

Spider Travel Peru is a new innovative professional adventure travel company and Inca Trail Operator that offers unparalleled experiences to unknown and untouched wilderness areas. Spider has adventure treks that are carefully designed to cater to all of
the possible options its clients might desire. Its passions are sharing the incredible landscapes of the Andes and the history and culture of the Inca people! Make sure you consider its many options!

Glamping Peru Treks

Glamping Peru Treks creates treks and tours that offer unsurpassed luxury and comfort while hiking off the beaten track. All accommodations, food, and services are of the highest quality and standards. If you are looking for something upscale and luxurious
while trekking or touring, this is the absolute best option for you. Do not be afraid to work with their service operators to create your dream personalized luxury trek or tour. The company group size averages 2 to 4 persons, not exceeding 8 people. If you love your privacy, do not hesitate to ask for a private tour.

Get a quote from our recommended local trek operator in Peru.

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