Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu 4 days adventure that embarks on an exhilarating 4-day, 3-night journey through the heart of the Inca Jungle, culminating in a breathtaking visit to the mystical Machu Picchu. Our Inca Jungle Trail Adventure combines adrenalinefueled activities such as biking, rafting, zip lining, and hiking, allowing you to experience the diverse beauty and rich history of the region.

From awe-inspiring Inca ruins to verdant coffee, coca, and fruit plantations, this unforgettable adventure offers a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural treasures. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating natural hot springs of Colcamayo, a perfect reward after an action-packed day.

At Machu Picchu Travel Guide, your safety and happiness are our top priorities. Our professional guides possess extensive knowledge of the area and are committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring your journey is nothing short of remarkable.

The downhill biking experience is suitable for all levels, as our team provides full suspension bikes and comprehensive biking gear, including full helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and full-body armor. A riding session before the journey ensures you feel confident and comfortable on the trail. The zigzagging paved road is both exciting and safe, with bikers keeping to the left to accommodate passing cars. Our support vehicle remains nearby throughout the biking portion, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the adventure without carrying your personal belongings.

To fully enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience, we recommend following the training suggestions provided in our “Before You Go” pre-departure information. This ensures you are physically prepared for the journey and ready to make the most of your Inca Jungle Trail adventure.

The Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu is a memory you’ll cherish forever, perfect for thrill-seekers and history enthusiasts alike. Begin planning your unforgettable adventure today and let us help you make it a reality.

  • Thrilling Mountain Biking: Descend from the Andes to the Amazon, experiencing the diverse landscapes and vibrant ecosystems that make this region so unique. Our expert guides ensure a safe and unforgettable ride, suitable for all skill levels.
  • Exhilarating River Rafting: Feel the adrenaline rush as you tackle Class 3.5 rapids in Santa Maria, guided by our experienced team members who prioritize your safety and enjoyment throughout this thrilling adventure.
  • Exciting Zip-lining in Santa Teresa: Soar above the lush jungle canopy and marvel at the breathtaking scenery below during an unforgettable zip-lining experience in Santa Teresa, led by our knowledgeable and attentive staff.
  • Expert-guided Machu Picchu Exploration: Discover the secrets of the ancient Inca citadel with our experienced guides, who will provide fascinating insights into the history and significance of this iconic World Heritage site.
  • Hiking a Section of the Original Inca Trail: Follow in the footsteps of the Inca civilization as you traverse a portion of the authentic Inca Trail, connecting you to the rich history and remarkable engineering of this ancient empire.
  • Starting Point: Cusco, with hotel pick-up between 6:00 – 6:30 AM
  • Pick-up Location: At our Office at 6:30 AM
  • Ending Point: Cusco City Center – Plaza Regocijo
  • Duration: 4 Days, 3 Nights
  • Departure: Daily Departures
  • Group Size: Maximum of 15 Participants
  • Machu Picchu Ticket: Included in the Package 
  • Meals Included: 4 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 3 Dinners
  • Activities Included: Biking, Rafting, Ziplining, Hiking and Hot Springs Experience
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Options: Available Upon Request at No Extra Charge
  • Free Storage: Available -Details here-
  • High Season: April to October
Places to Visit: Cusco, Abra Malaga, Baking, Rafting, Hiking, Zipline Hot Springs, Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes
Physical Level: Moderate

We will pick you up from your hotel around 6 AM and drive you through the awe inspiring Sacred Valley of the Incas. Marvel at the breathtaking views of the Vilcabamba and Vilcanota mountain ranges, as well as the charming small towns that dot the Sacred Valley landscape.

After a 2-hour drive, we will stop in the ancient Inca town of Ollantaytambo, where you will have breadfast included and you can stretch your legs and use the facilities. From there, we will continue driving up to the Abra Malaga Pass, situated at an altitude of 4,350 meters (14,271 feet). This is where our exhilarating downhill biking adventure to Santa Maria town, located at 1,430 meters (4,691 feet), begins.

Upon arriving at Abra Malaga, you’ll receive all the necessary biking gear and participate in a training session to ensure a successful and enjoyable ride to Santa Maria. The biking journey begins high in the Andes, offering majestic views of the snow-capped Veronica peak. Our route takes us from Abra Malaga to the fascinating Inca site of Huamanmarca, where we’ll stop for lunch and explore the small yet remarkable ruins.

After our visit to Huamanmarca, we’ll hop back in the car and continue to Santa Maria, where an exciting white river rafting adventure awaits in the afternoon. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to appreciate the stunning landscape that surrounds us.

Once we arrive in Santa Maria, you can check into your accommodations, take a shower, and relax before dinner. In the evening, we’ll gather at a local restaurant in town for a delicious meal and a chance to share stories from our action-packed day.

Tour Details:

  • Biking distance: 65 km, approximately 3 to 4 hours of downhill biking
  • River Rafting Adventure: 1 to 1.5 Hours of Exhilarating Fun
  • Difficulty: Moderate day (full of Adventure)
  • Weather: Warm and windy during the day, with very warn nights
  • Accommodations: Hotel nigh in Santa Maria
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Begin your remarkable hiking day with a hearty breakfast at a local restaurant around 6:00 AM. Today’s journey is one of the most memorable parts of the entire adventure. We will start with a 45-minute hike along the car route before entering the original Inca trail, which historically connected Machu Picchu with Vilcabamba, the last Inca capital.

As we traverse this ancient path, we will marvel at the stunning plantations of bananas, coca, yucca, and coffee that line the route. Our 3-hour hike on the original Inca trail offers magnificent views of the Vilcanota Valley and panoramic vistas of the hills adorned with various jungle plantations.

We will stop at the charming village of Quellomayo for lunch at one of the local restaurants. Here, you can relax, recharge, and explore the surroundings before continuing our hike along the Vilcanota River. The 3.5-hour trek takes us to the rejuvenating Colcamayo hot springs, a natural and outdoor oasis perfect for soothing tired muscles. Enjoy a couple of hours at the hot springs before we continue our journey to Santa Teresa.

A 45-minute hike from the hot springs brings us to our final destination for the day, Santa Teresa. We will spend the night at a cozy hostel and enjoy dinner at a local restaurant, where you can share stories and reflect on the unforgettable experiences of the day.

Tour Details:

  • Hiking distance: 22 km, approximately 7 to 8 hours of hiking
  • Difficulty: Moderate day (full day hike)
  • Weather: Warm and Tropical, with very warn nights
  • Accommodations: Hotel nigh in Santa Teresa
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Rise and shine at 6:30 am, fuel up with breakfast, and get ready for an action-packed day. Around 8:00 am, the zipline company will pick you up and transport you to the zipline base. After a brief orientation, embark on a thrilling 2-hour adventure across four different ziplines and a suspension bridge.

Once you’ve had your fill of ziplining excitement, take a 1-hour car ride to Hidroelectrica for a well-deserved lunch. Post-lunch, embark on a scenic 3-hour hike along the train tracks to Aguas Calientes town. Upon arrival, check into your hotel and recharge.

At 7:00 pm, indulge in a delicious dinner at a local restaurant before heading back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep. Wake up early the following day, eager to explore the magnificent Machu Picchu.

Tour Details:

  • Zipline Adventure: Experience 4 Unique Ziplines and 1 Thrilling Suspension Bridge
  • Hiking distance: 11 km takes 3 to 3.5 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate day (full of Adventure)
  • Weather: Warm and Tropical very warn nights
  • Accommodations: Hotel nigh in Aguas Calientes
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Arriving at Machu Picchu’s Main Gate from Aguas Calientes: To reach Machu Picchu’s main gate from Aguas Calientes, you have two options. You can either embark on a scenic 1.5-hour hike or take a convenient bus ride that costs $12. The choice is yours, and you can even decide on the same day you plan to visit Machu Picchu. Regardless of the option you choose, your day will begin bright and early at 4 am with a delicious breakfast at your hotel in Aguas Calientes.
  • If you choose to WALK from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu, your journey will begin at around 4:30 am. You’ll start by walking from your hotel in Aguas Calientes to Puente Ruinas, which takes approximately 30 minutes. Puente Ruinas serves as the first checkpoint, where you’ll need to present your Machu Picchu tickets and original passports to gain entry. Once you’ve passed the Puente Ruinas checkpoint, you’ll embark on an uphill hike to Machu Picchu, climbing approximately 1,700 steps. This ascent typically takes between one hour to one hour and 20 minutes. Upon reaching the main gate of Machu Picchu, you’ll meet up with your group and guide to enter the site and begin your unforgettable exploration of this ancient Inca citadel.
  • If you opt to take the BUS from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu, you’ll need to purchase a bus ticket in town, either the night before or on the same morning. Each one-way bus ticket costs $12. Once you have your ticket, join the queue to board the first buses, which depart from Aguas Calientes at 5:30 am. The bus ride takes approximately 30 minutes to reach Machu Picchu. Upon arrival at Machu Picchu, you’ll meet up with your group and guide around 6 am to enter the site and begin exploring the remarkable ancient Inca city together.

What is Included for teh Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu?

Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu 4-Day Adventure: Comprehensive Inclusions for an Unforgettable Experience
  • Entrance Ticket to Machu Picchu: Gain access to the iconic Inca citadel and explore its fascinating history and stunning architecture.
  • Pre-departure Inca Jungle Trail Briefing: Attend a detailed presentation by our professional tour guides at 6:00 PM at the office, the day before your adventure begins.
  • English/Spanish-speaking Professional Guides: Receive expert guidance and insights throughout your journey from our bilingual and knowledgeable tour guides.
  • Guided Visit to Machu Picchu: Benefit from our experienced guides who will bring the history and mystery of Machu Picchu to life.
  • Transportation to the Inca Jungle Trailhead: Start your adventure seamlessly with our organized transportation.
  • 3-Night Hotel Accommodation: Rest and recharge during your journey in comfortable hostel accommodations.
  • Daily Meals: Enjoy 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners throughout your adventure, ensuring you have the energy to explore and experience each day.
  • Activities included: Biking, rafting, and zipline
  • Return Transportation Options: Choose between a train at 14:30 / 14:55 or a car at 2:00 PM from Hidroelectrica.
  • Exciting Activities: Immerse yourself in adrenaline-pumping experiences, including biking, rafting, and zip-lining, led by our expert team.
  • Vegetarian Food Options: Accommodate your dietary preferences with vegetarian meal options available upon request at no extra charge.
  • First Aid Equipment and Oxygen Bottle: Stay safe and prepared with access to essential first aid equipment and an oxygen bottle for emergencies during your journey.

What is Not Included for the Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu?

  • Last lunch
  • Entrance tickets to the thermal baths (10 soles per person)
  • Tips
  • Drinking water

Essential Packing List for the 4-Day Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu:

  • Backpack: Bring a comfortable backpack to carry belongings such as clothes, camera, sunscreen, valuables, and a jacket.
  • Headwear: Pack a wool hat or beanie for warmth and a sun hat for protection from the sun.
  • Gloves: Keep your hands warm with a pair of gloves.
  • Clothing: Include 3-4 t-shirts (preferably long-sleeved), layers (sweater, fleece), 2 pairs of long pants or leggings, hiking shoes, 2-3 pairs of wool socks, a rain jacket, rain pants or a rain poncho (essential for the wet season), shorts, and swimwear.
  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun with a pair of sunglasses.
  • Water Bottle: Stay hydrated with a refillable water bottle.
  • Personal Toiletries: Bring essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and any other personal items.
  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun with a high SPF sunscreen.
  • Insect Repellent: Ward off bugs with insect repellent.
  • Footwear: Pack sandals or flip-flops for more relaxed moments or after a day of hiking.
  • Snacks: Bring snacks like chocolate, cereal bars, candies, nuts, and energy bars to keep your energy levels up.
  • Extra Cash in Soles: Carry extra local currency for any additional expenses or emergencies.

Important Documents to Carry:

  1. Original Passport: Ensure you have your passport with you at all times.
  2. Student ID (if applicable): If you have a student reservation, remember to bring your physical student ID to prove your eligibility for discounted entry at Machu Picchu’s checkpoint.

Map Inca Jungle to Machu Picchu

Frequently Asked Questions INCA JUNGLE TRAIL TO MACHU PICCHU 4D – 3N

  • What is the level of difficulty of the Inca Jungle Trail?

The Inca Jungle Trail is considered a moderate to challenging trek, with various activities such as biking, rafting, zip-lining, and hiking. It is recommended that participants be in good physical condition to fully enjoy the experience.

  • What is the best time to do the Inca Jungle Trail?

The best time to embark on the Inca Jungle Trail is during the dry season, which runs from April to October. This period offers more favorable weather conditions, with less rain and clearer skies.

  • Are there age restrictions for the Inca Jungle Trail?

There are no specific age restrictions for the Inca Jungle Trail. However, it is essential to consider the physical demands of the trek and the various activities involved. The trail may not be suitable for very young children or those with certain health conditions.

  • What type of accommodations are provided during the Inca Jungle Trail?

The Inca Jungle Trail includes 3 nights of hostel accommodations. These accommodations are comfortable and offer basic amenities to ensure a good night’s rest after each day of adventure.

  • Are meals provided during the Inca Jungle Trail?

Yes, meals are included in the package. You will be provided with 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners during the trek. Vegetarian and vegan options are available upon request at no additional charge.

  • What should I pack for the Inca Jungle Trail?

Please refer to the detailed packing list provided earlier in this conversation for a comprehensive list of items to bring on the Inca Jungle Trail.

  • Can I add additional activities or options to my Inca Jungle Trail experience?

Yes, you can add optional activities such as climbing Huayna Picchu Mountain or Machu Picchu Mountain, or upgrade your return train journey to the Vistadome Panoramic Train. Additional charges apply for these options.

  • How do I book the Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu?

To book the Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu, you can contact the tour operator directly or make a reservation through a reputable travel agency or online booking platform. Ensure you have your passport details and preferred travel dates ready when booking.

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