Best Burgers

Peruvian food is known worldwide for its amazing ceviche and typical local dishes but don’t get confused, they have amazing food in every variety you can imagine. Here are the best burgers in Cusco for you to enjoy.

Chakruna: Again in our best restaurants category. Their amazing Burgers with herbs and different bread makes this one of the favorites. The serving´s are not huge, but you will be satisfied. The prices are fairly cheap and it comes with 5 different varieties of potatoes, it also includes a drink.

Open from Wed-Mon 11:30-16:00 and 17:30-22:00

Chakruna Facebook

Toro burgers and craft beer

Fuego: This amazing place has some of the best burgers in Cusco .Enjoy your delictable burger in one of their balconies with the best views of Cusco. They have a variety of burgers. The rib burger with bbq sauce is do die for.

Open everyday from 07:00-mid-night

Fuego Facebook

Fuego amazing burger
Fuego amazing burger

Gaston Acurio is the owner of Paaoacho´s, one on the best chefs in Peru. The burgers don´t usually live up to the hype. This isn´t my favorite place by far and I feel it’s often times overhyped.

They open everyday from Mon-Sat from 12:00-23:00

Papachos Webpage

Papachos 3 mini burgers

Hanz Craft Beer: The Burger was great but this place is here primarily because of their excellent service. The waiters are really kind, they also brings you a hot towel for your hands, add free beer tasting to the list and its unsurpassed service for sure!. They offer free water (not common in Peru) and in the end a free dessert, aguaymanto showered in chocolate. I felt like a spoiled baby after leaving this place.

They open everyday from 11:00-23:00

Hanz Facebook

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